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New Work 2023 - 2024 Digital Stills

This is a selection of pieces from my recent and in -progress body of work. I am fascinated by patterns in flora and the dependence and interconnectedness of all creatures that inhabit our world. There is a word that perfectly describes what these images convey: "werifesteria". It means, "to wander longingly through the forest in search of mystery". Throughout the seasons, I am actively engaged in werifesteria; spending hours exploring wooded trails and wild areas often engaged in foraging for mushrooms, edible plants, enjoying solace, and finding universal connection and inspiration. This new body of work illustrates that feeling and transports the viewer to a moment of discovery - catching sight of something magical and beautiful moving just under the dense foliage. Forests are sanctuaries for the soul and these pieces are a visual sanctuary in which to escape the stress and chaos of the constructed world .

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