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Kerry eddy for U.S. Senate


    • Why are we wasting tax dollars criminalizing a plant that helps people? The movement for Legal Marijuana NOW is a no-brainer, and it’s amazing we haven’t legalized it already. I am for legalization, period. I support home grow, and will oppose the sort of ridiculously high taxes on cannabis we see in other states.


    • From warrantless spying on American citizens, to endless intrusion into our bedrooms, our civil liberties are too often trampled upon. Politicians can’t help themselves from using government power to harass, monitor, and criminalize American citizens. As history teaches us again and again, we have to defend our civil liberties, whatever it takes. 


    • Right now we’re divided; we have a pro-cannabis independent, Dan Osborn, also running against Deb Fischer. I’ll make sure that we all unite around whoever the strongest candidate is to defeat Deb Fischer in November. We CANNOT have a “spoiler” candidate! My opponent has been attacking Dan Osborn relentlessly. Let’s focus on defeating the prohibitionists instead of fighting amongst ourselves!


I am running to support an independent candidate - Dan Osborn. He has a real shot at beating pro-fascist, corporate shill Deb Fischer. He is pro-worker, pro-union, pro-choice and pro-legalization. My intent is to bring Legal Marijuana NOW voters to Dan Osborn. We need everyone we can get to push Deb Fischer out of the ivory tower that Ricketts built. Goes without saying: Fuck Ricketts. Fuck Fischer.


Make sure you're registered to vote in the Nebraska Primary. It only takes 3 minutes!*


DEADLINE: April 25th.

What happens if you change your party affiliation to Legal Marijuana Now? (You can switch to any party before the general as long as it is 18 days before the election)

  • You get to vote for me in the primary - so I beat the other candidate

  • Legal Marijuana Now can remain a legitimate party ticket (needs 5% of the vote)

  • And I get to push the 5% of the voters that would support the NOW ticket towards a candidate that will kick Deb’s ass out of the senate for good. (FYI a candidate nominated by the party must poll at least 5 percent of the entire vote in the state in a statewide race)

Help me get that 5% to maintain the NOW party and to bolster support for Dan Osborn.


If you'd like the support this cause, donate to my campaign.

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