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Kerry Eddy


US SENATE Candidate Nebraska

First and foremost, I am a multidisciplinary artist currently pursuing an MFA in drawing and painting at the University of Nebraska. I am also a US Senate candidate!

Welcome friends and supporters!


Let's all pull together to send corporate shill Deb Fischer packing. I don't need to tell you she doesn't understand the day to day struggle of average hard-working Nebraskans. Her interests lie in keeping her donors happy while ignoring the working poor and paying lip service to the middle class. ​If you're not familiar with my background, yes, I absolutely support legalizing marijuana - which is why I decided to do this in the first place, and of course I really want to see Deb Fischer defeated in this race. I'm an artist, musician, veteran, working class, sci-fi nerd with a pilot's license, working on an MFA, managing a DIY music venue, worshiping poodles, who cares deeply for our environment, our community and Nebraskans. 


If you have any questions, please ask away! I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. I'm juggling a lot of balls.​I just filed to run as a senate candidate in the Legal Marijuana NOW party.


Two months ago, I had no aspirations to embark on such an adventure and no aspirations to register in that party, but here we are. Long story short.​Make sure you're registered to vote in the Nebraska Primary.


DEADLINE: April 29th.

Register here.


​If you're still reading: I am running to support an independent candidate - Dan Osborn. He has a real shot at beating pro-fascist, corporate shill Deb Fischer. He is pro-worker, pro-union, pro-choice and pro-legalization. My intent is to bring Legal Marijuana NOW voters to Dan Osborn. We need everyone we can get to push Deb Fischer out of the ivory tower that Ricketts built.

What happens if you change your party affiliation to Legal Marijuana Now?


(One may switch back to whatever party before the general as long as it is 18 days before the election)

* You get to vote for me in the primary - so I beat the other candidate

* Legal Marijuana Now can remain a legitimate party ticket (needs 5% of the vote)

* And I get to push the 5% of the voters that would support the NOW ticket towards a candidate that will kick Deb’s ass out of the senate for good. (FYI a candidate nominated by the party must poll at least 5 percent of the entire vote in the state in a statewide race) Help me get that 5% to maintain the NOW party and to bolster support for Dan Osborn.​ 


If you're here for my art:


I am fascinated by the theory of quantum entanglements; the idea that two particles are connected and affect one another even if those particles are light-years apart. I create images using both traditional media - drawing, watercolor, painting, digital media, and animation; blending media and exploring imagery that illustrates altered states of consciousness and surrealism. The blending of digital and traditional media is an effort to exist in both the tangible world and in the digital world; creating my own quantum entanglement between pixels and paint. I draw inspiration from the wild spaces I am drawn to and the creatures that inhabit them.  That connection comes from growing up in those wild spaces along the bluffs overlooking the Missouri River. Living there I cultivated a deep love of exploring and discovering magical places and communing with the flora and fauna that surrounded my childhood home. My work is deeply connected to those spaces and the creatures I encountered in them. The images I make are a personal recreation of that feeling of discovery, magic, and mystery. I want the viewer to feel as if they are exploring the dense, forest undergrowth and experiencing a moment of discovery; a brief but meaningful encounter with an elusive, beautiful creature just before it retreats into the woods.  There is a moment of stillness when you and a wild creature lock eyes. Time stops and you feel an exhilaration - not to take any action, but to just be in that moment and experience the connection of all living things. My work reminds us that we are not separate from nature, but part of a greater whole that does not conform to human constructs. There is magic in the natural world, and my work is a conjuration of the spirit of nature.

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